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Privacy and cookie statement MACH 4 METAL

[14-07-2020] Version: 1.0

Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is of great importance to MACH 4 METAL B.V. (hereinafter: MACH 4 METAL). During the processing of your personal data, both offline and via our website (https://www.mach4metal.com), we conform to the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation (General Data Protection Regulation). This means we:

  • Clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data, by using this privacy and cookie statement.
  • Limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data needed for legitimate purposes.
  • First ask for permission to process your personal data in cases where your prior permission is required.
  • Take appropriate security measures​ to protect your personal data.
  • Respect your rights​, for example the right to access, correct or delete your personal data held by us.

We respect the privacy of our website visitors, our customers, suppliers and job applicants and ensure your personal data to be handled confidential. In this privacy and cookie statement we will inform you about both the personal data processing by MACH 4 METAL or the third parties we deal with, and your privacy. We recommend that you read it carefully.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us. You will find our contact details at the end of this privacy and cookie statement.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

We use personal data for the following purposes:

  • Providing services
  • Quotations
  • Offer us your surplus machine
  • Contact
  • Newsletter/ alert service
  • Handling job applications

For the placement of cookies that enable our website to function, be secure and improve it based on the analyzation of the behavior of website visitors.

Providing services / using services

We can use your personal data for providing our services or for using your services. For this purpose, we use your (company)name, address, telephone number, email address, payment details and any other information required for providing our services. We need this data because of our agreement with you. We store this information until our or your services have been completed. Certain types of personal data will be retained for a longer period in order to fulfil our tax obligations (the statutory retention period of 7 years).


You can request a quotation for our services, or we can request a quotation for your services. To prepare or consider a quotation we will use your (company)name, telephone number, email address and relevant information about your request or your services. We need this information for the preparation of a potential agreement. We store this information up to three months after we have sent our quotation or received your quotation, or if we enter into an agreement with you, for the duration of our cooperation. Certain types of personal data will be retained for a longer period in order to fulfil our tax obligations (the statutory retention period of 7 years).

Offer us your surplus machines

You can offer us your surplus machines. For this purpose, we use your (company)name, country of residence, email address, telephone number and any other information you provide us with. We also use information about the machine you would like to offer. We need this information for the preparation of a potential agreement. We store this information until the sale has been concluded. Certain types of personal data will be retained for a longer period in order to fulfil our tax obligations (the statutory retention period of 7 years).


You can contact us in different ways, for example by phone, email, social media, live chat or via our contact form. For this purpose, we use your (company) name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other information you provide us with. We need this personal data to contact you after you requested to do so. We store this information until we have handled your contact request and till three months afterwards, or for the duration of our contractual relationship if you become a customer or supplier.

Newsletter / alert service

We have a newsletter to inform those interested in our products and/or services. For this purpose, we use your name and email address. Each newsletter contains a link so you have the possibility to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Your email address will be added to the list of subscribers only with your explicit consent. We store your information until you unsubscribe form our newsletter.

Handling job applications

You can apply for a job with us. For this purpose, we use your CV and motivation letter and any other information you provide us with. We need this data to handle your application and possibly enter into an employment contract with you. If we do not end up hiring you, we will only retain your data until six weeks after the application procedure has ended. We can retain your data for one year after the application procedure has ended – with your consent – in case we might have an interesting vacancy in the near future.

If we end up hiring you, we will store your personal data as long as you work for us and for the duration as laid down within our internal privacy policy.

Please note​: A social media check may be part of the application procedure. A social media check is necessary to be able to guarantee that the image of MACH 4 METAL will be maintained when new staff is being hired. We do this on the basis of our legitimate interest. For our social media check, we will search for your name on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will only check information that is publicly available, and we will not require you to make a connection with us or to provide us with access to shielded pages. In case you have any objections against the social media check, please inform us accordingly. Then we won’t do such a check.

Providing personal data to third parties

We may share your personal data with third parties, if we use their services to achieve the aforementioned purposes, if we have a legitimate interest to do so, if we are legally obliged to do so or if this is necessary to implement the agreement we have entered into with you. To this end, your personal data can be shared with the following third parties:

  • IT and security service providers;
  • Marketing support providers;
  • Cookie providers;
  • Authorities (for example Tax authorities, or the police in case of a suspected crime);
  • Payment providers;
  • Shipping services;
  • Suppliers;
  • External employees hired by us.

If necessary, we have made contractual agreements with the parties mentioned above to handle your personal data in a secure way.


We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small information files that can be automatically stored on, or read out from the device (including a PC, tablet or smartphone) of the website visitor, while visiting a website. This is done via the web browser on the device. The information that is transmitted by a cookie, about the use of our website, may be transferred to our own secured servers or to the servers of a third party.

We, as well as third parties, use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

  • Technical and functional cookies​: to enable the functionality of our website. These cookies ensure the functioning of specific features of our website and allow your user preferences to be remembered. For example, to save a search term or font type within the website.
  • Analytic cookies:​ to generate overall statistics and gain insight in the use of our website by the public in order to optimize our website and services.
  • Targeting/advertising cookies:​ to make the internet offer more interesting for you by displaying advertisements that fit your interests. We use these services in order to improve the relevance of online advertising for you, and we can gain insight in the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. By our use of these cookies, a unique cookie ID is given to you as a website visitor, so that you do not see the same advertisement twice. We only place these so-called tracking cookies with your consent.

When you visit our website for the first time, we display a notification explaining cookies. If necessary, we will ask your consent for the use of cookies

In the table below, the cookies are being mentioned that are being placed on our website:

Disabling of cookies

You can prevent the placement of cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). Be aware that disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling some functionality and certain features of this website. Therefore, it is recommended not to disable cookies.

Expiration date of cookie and removal of cookies

Most cookies have an expiration date. This means that they will automatically expire after a certain period and no longer register any data concerning your visit of the website. Another option is to remove the cookies manually before the expiration data. In order to do this, consult the instruction manual of your browser.

Social media buttons

Our website includes buttons to promote and share webpages on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google. These buttons work through bits of code that are derived from these social networks themselves. Read the privacy statements of ​LinkedIn​, ​Twitter​, ​Facebook and ​YouTube (which are subject to change) what they do with the (personal) data they obtain through these cookies. The information that these networks collect is transferred to the United States and stored on servers

there. The companies are all Privacy Shield Certified. Visit the​Privacy Shield website​for more information on the EU-US Privacy Shield program and to view the certification of the social networks.


We take security measures to reduce misuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. We take responsibility in the security of your personal data. If you would like to know what security measures we exactly take, please contact us. We renew our security measures periodically to ensure the safe storage of your personal data.

Modification of this privacy and cookie statement

We may change this privacy and cookie statement from time to time. Changes will be published on our website. It is therefore advised to consult this privacy and cookie statement on a regular basis so that you are aware of these changes.

Your rights

You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy and cookie statement. Besides that, you have to the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right of ​access​: you have the right to see what kind of personal data we processed about you.
  • Right of ​rectification​: you have the right to rectify any personal data we have processed about you, if this information is (partially) wrong.
  • Right to ​complain​: you have the right to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data by us, or against direct marketing.
  • Right to be ​forgotten​: you can file a request with us to remove any personal data we processed of you.
  • Right to ​data ​portability​: if technically possible, you have the right to ask us to transfer your processed personal data to a third party.
  • Right to ​restriction of processing: you can file a request with us to (temporarily) restrict the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to revoke your ​consent,​ when we process your data with your consent.

If you exercise any of the rights mentioned above, we will ask to identify yourself. How this identification will take place, depends on the personal data that is being processed by us.

We will usually comply with your request within one month. This term can be extended with two months if the request is proven to be complex. You will be notified about a possible extension of this term within one month.


If you think that we are not helping you in the right way or if you are unhappy about the way in which we process your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. For the Netherlands, this is the ​Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens​.

Contact details

MACH 4 METAL B.V. Transito 21
6909 DA Babberich


+31 (0)316 247 123
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 09155965

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