• Minimum of 500 machines in stock
  • Lifting capacity of 85 Ton
  • Heavy duty transport worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the machines that are shown on the website in stock?
Yes, all the machines are in stock. However, sometimes the machine may still be located in the factory from which it was bought. 

Does Mach4Metal have machines on their website from other companies?
No, all the machines on the website are owned by Mach4Metal.

Can the machine be checked out while it is running?
Yes, in principle all machine can be checked out while they are running. However, for some larger more complex machines this may not be possible. In that case, we provide a video which was shoot right before the machine was disassembled. 

Do the machines have warranty?
No, the machine are sold as they shown, tested, and agreed upon. However, we would like to keep our customers, and thus care about our reputation, and thus provide you with an honest technical statement of the machine.  

Can I visit Mach4Metal outside of opening hours?
Yes, upon appointment you can also visit us in the evening or weekends. 

Does Mach4Metal also buy complete factories?
Yes, we do. 

Can I get tips if I know someone who wants to buy or sell a machine?
Yes you can. The amount is dependent on the machine in question, and will be agreed upon beforehand. To do so, please send an e-mail to sales@mach4metal.com

Can I put my machine up for sale on Mach4Metal?
No, we only offer machines on our website that we own. 

Can I check out a machine that is still at its original location in a factory?
Yes, upon appointment we can arrange a viewing and demonstration. 

If there is hidden damage on the machine, who pays for the reparation?
We sell the machine as is, so without warranty. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to test and view the machine prior to buying. 

When I sell a machine, will I be paid ahead of time?
Yes, the payment will be made prior to disassembly and pick up. 

What is usually the time frame in which payment has to be completed when buying a machine?
100% of the payment will have to be completed prior to pick up. 

Can the purchasing of machines be financed?
Upon consultation, a lot is possible. To do so, we work together with a financing business. After a quick financial check, we will provide you with a personalized proposal. 

Can I send a mechanic from my own company to check out the machines?
Yes, upon appointment you can send a mechanic to view the machine, and if you wish, to test it as well. 

Does Mach4Metal do all the common labor themselves?
Through years of experience, we have basic knowledge of almost any machine brand. In case we cannot provide the knowledge and skills necessary, we will get you in touch with a service mechanic of the brand in question. 

If I sell machines to Mach4Metal, will they pick them up?
Yes, we can disassemble and pick up the machines. 

Can Mach4metal arrange the documents necessary for export?
Yes, when necessary we can arrange the following documents: EX1, Euro1, Certificate of origin, ATR, and CMR. Other documents can be arranged upon request.

Does Mach4Metal adhere to delivery terms?
Yes, these terms can be found here on our website. 

Is Mach4Metal located in the Netherlands or in Germany?
Babberich is a dutch town 400 meters from the German border directly on the A12/A3. 

Is there an airport in close proximity to Mach4Metal?
Due to our central location, there are numerous options with regards to airports (Düsseldorf International at 100 Km, Schiphol at 125 Km, and Vliegveld Eindhoven at 110 Km). Furthermore, Düsseldorf Weeze is only 60 km from our business, and Frankfurt is 300km away. 

Is there a railway station in close proximity to Mach4Metal?
If you travel within the Netherlands, you can use station Zevenaar. Within Germany you can use the station in Emmerich. Both stations are 10km away from us, and we gladly pick you up.