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Machine accessoires - Richter Lunetten 10-3 – 20 T

Set V-Prisma steady rest Ø 100 - 750 mm x 20.000 Kg

MACH - ID 6099
Make: Richter Lunetten
Type: 10-3 - 20 T
YOP: 2012
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MACH - ID 6099
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Fixed steady rest V-Prisma
Min. Diameter 100 Ø
Max. Diameter 750 Ø
Length 1.000 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 800 mm
Weight 1.200 kg

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  • height adjustable 0 – 200 mm
  • 1 mm Nonius skala
  • Fixed prisma 120 Gr
  • Motorised height adjustment
  • New EUR 65.000