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This machine is sold Profile bending machine


PBT HELIX CNC Profile bender 64 T

MACH - ID 5562
Make: PBT
Control: BC 100 PBT
YOP: 1998
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Horizontal and vertical Vertical
Shaft Ø 130 mm
Number of rolls 3
Stroke X-Axis 440 mm
Resistance moment 9000 Nm CM³
Capacity flat 120 x 15 x R 800 mm
Capacity Tube 180 x R 1100 mm
Capacity bar 100 x 100 x R 2000 mm
Capacity T-Profile 130 x 130 x R 14 mm
Capacity HEA-Profile 180 x R 3500 mm
Working speed 1 - 8 mm
Adjustment siderolls 630 - 1330
Control BC 100
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Length 2.500 mm
Width 2.200 mm
Height 2.000 mm
Weight 6.500 kg
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